It is not only access to schools, but the quality of schooling that is vital to maximise the benefits of education to children.  In order to boost the capability of the schools, we have been providing equipment to many of the schools in the area.

For-ethiopia has established a prototype dormitory for girls in rented property near the High School in Addis Alem. Scholarships have been awarded to 20 suitable girls from outlying villages to enable them to progress to secondary education. Safe study facilities are being provided in the library at the High School in the evenings. A training and registration scheme for landlords will be set up and we will work in partnership with the local community to reduce the incidence of early marriage.  We are in the process of raising funds to support this project and more detail can be found at the Big Give website.

Since 2004, we have supplied thirteen primary schools with furniture, books, playground equipment and teaching materials.  A number of primary schools have had classroom renovations.  We have also built and furnished a library for Addis Alem High School.

Reference books purchased locally in Ethiopia using funds raised in the UK have been provided to schools.

A school link has been established between St Joseph’s School, Bristol and Efa Beri Junior School.

We have also funded the construction of toilet blocks at schools, ensuring that boys and girls (and staff) don’t have to share the same toilet facilities.

We also operate a bursary system which provides a small amount of money to the poorest students so they can afford clothes, writing instruments and exercise books in order to help them get the most from school.

To see a map of all the projects For-ethiopia has completed to date and learn a little bit about what we aim to achieve in Ethiopia through sustainable development, go to the Projects overview page.

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