Since 2004, four springs have been capped and eleven wells constructed, providing safe, clean water for over 5,000 people.

A total of 8 toilet blocks have also been constructed and training days stressing the importance of Water, Sanitation & Hygiene (WASH) have been run in these communities.

See one of the wells in action…

Cattle troughs have also been constructed at many sites to provide for livestock.

Water from natural springs is often harmful to health for those who drank from it.  By capping the spring and building a storage tank, clean, safe water is available for more people.

Communities are equipped with the training and tools to maintain their water collection points.

Using simple, appropriate technology, For-Ethiopia ensures the sustainability of its projects.

A number of hand-dug wells have been completed using money raised by the charity.

With the help of a water engineer, a suitable location was identified to construct a well.  The well was hand-dug before being lined with concrete rings. A plastic pipe was then inserted and connected to a hand-pump.

The well provides fresh, clean water to many households.

Addis Alem Well

For-Ethiopia well in Addis Alem

In 2011, six wells were drilled.  We have employed drilling engineers to oversee this work and see this has proved to be a great opportunity to provide fresh, clean water to areas where a hand-dug well would not be able to reach the water table.

We have also capped a number of groundwater springs to provide clean, safe drinking water where previously, the open spring would have been exposed resulting in a much higher risk of water contamination.

To see a map of all the projects For-ethiopia has completed to date and learn a little bit about what we aim to achieve in Ethiopia through sustainable development, go to the Projects overview page.

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