For-ethiopia tries to ensure that each project we undertake is sustainable and renewable; we hope not only to make a positive material difference, but also to empower local communities.

Making development sustainable requires recognising that people are already active in making the most of their resources.  It means not imposing external ideas that conflict with cultural and social integrity or undermine the good practices that already exist.  It involves listening to and learning from local people.

Making development renewable requires recognising that there is a willingness to change, then seeking to encourage and help others to become change agents.  It means giving ownership of the new resources to the local community.  It involves using the co-operative spirit and existing structures for joint decision making.

Empowering is about removing barriers.  It involves bringing in capital and know-how and using appropriate technology.  It releases new skills and energy providing a springboard to further improvements.  It encourages hope and starts fulfilling dreams.

All funds raised by For-ethiopia are used by our sister charity FDAE (For Development Association-Ethiopia) to deliver all the projects.  FDAE, like all NGOs (Non-Governmental Organisations) in Ethiopia operates under a three year license from the Ministry of Justice.  Annual proposals are then approved by the Oromiya regional offices of the individual Ministries of Water Resources, Health and Education.  The whole process is audited by the DPCC (Disaster Prevention and Preparedness Commission).

For-ethiopia focuses on three main areas of development:

You can view some of our projects by clicking on the map below:


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