In the Addis Alem region there are eight rural health posts (clinics).  Each clinic is staffed by a midwife and nurse, however there are no doctors.

With no electricity or water supply, each clinic is expected to cater for around 7,000 people.

Since 2005 all eight clinics have been supplied with equipment including refrigerators, delivery couches, infant scales, dry ovens and medicine cabinets.

In 2011, our first solar powered fridge was installed by a team from Solarsense-UK.  Training in maintenance of the equipment was given to the clinic workers and the local electrician.  We hope to install more solar powered fridges next year.

Good health is vital for the development of communities therefore supporting these clinics is a prime objective for us and our friends at Bradgate Surgery in Bristol, UK.

Funded primarily by money raised through the Bradgate Surgery link in Bristol, we have equipped a number of clinics in Ethiopia with basic medical equipment including delivery couches, infant scales, dry ovens, medicine cupboards, solar lamps and refrigerators. We have also provided copies of the reference book “Where there is no doctor” which were provided in both Amharic and English.

One of the clinics we equipped was in Ilu Aga.

The Ilu Aga clinic serves a population of over 7000. It has no power or running water. The lack of electricity means that immunisation campaigns have to take place within the limited time that insulated coolers can sustain the vaccines.

Access to Ilu Aga from Addis Alem involves a 1.5 hour 4×4 journey along bumpy tracks followed by a 30-45 minute hike over hills.

This means that equipment supplied to the rural clinics must be low maintenance and not rely on a connection to the Ethiopian power grid.  It also causes logistical issues when we attempt to transport anything bulky and heavy to the clinics as the delivery van just won’t be able to drive up to the clinic!

To see a map of all the projects For-ethiopia has completed to date and learn a little bit about what we aim to achieve in Ethiopia through sustainable development, go to the Projects overview page.

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