This year, the Health Authorities in Addis Alem have asked us if we can provide them with a Motorcycle Ambulance.

In the remote villages, if a woman is having a problem in childbirth, or there is some other medical emergency, there is no way to get them to the health centres, unless everyone in the village helps to carry them across country, a distance which might be up to 20kms. There are few roads – only tracks. If the health centres had transport, this could be summoned, but the tracks would be impassable for an ambulance, but possible for a motorbike with sidecar.

On receipt of this request, we began our research. We found Dr Arla Gamper, who had worked in Ethiopia as a student at a centre where motorcycle ambulances were being used, supplied by Southern Ethiopia Gwent Healthcare Link under the auspices of Dr Biku Ghosh.  He, in turn, put me in touch with Erangers

Learn more about the ambulance

This is what they are using and this is what we are planning to provide for Addis Alem.

To buy one, and AirFreight it to Ethiopia, and then get it out to the village costs around £8,000 and this is the target for our Ethiopian Christmas Event this year. We have already gone a long way towards reaching this goal – come along on 25th January or donate now to help us please.

Later in the year, I will be writing more about our Motorcycle Ambulance Project

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