Feedback from our first Solar fridge 2 years on….

Meskerem and Tsehay are the two young health extension workers (HEWs) at the remote village of Besso, home of our first solar vaccine fridge. It’s installation in 2011 has made an enormous difference to their lives – and the health of their community.

Meskerem & Tsehay HEW with solar refirgerator

No longer do they waste precious vaccines. Prior to the advent of the fridge, at least a third of the vaccines spoiled before they could be given; and no longer do they have to spend hours of their time trekking miles to collect the vaccines.(A four hour walk each way over mountainous terrain) The time and energy they save  is now being spent on their proper job of health promotion.

Since Besso, 3 more fridges have been installed at Amero, Gulit and Borche in 2012 and 3 more earlier this year at Enaftu, Telbo and Hidi and  – a total of 7.

These fridges cost around £2000, with another £1000 transportation costs –£20,000 well spent by For Ethiopia.

You can read the Case Study that we received from the Ejere Health Desk by clicking on the following link:

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