It may only be June, but there’s already been a lot of activity in Ethiopia with many of the 2013 projects already completed.

The work planned for this year includes drilling 6 wells, 1 spring capping, equipping 3 health posts, installing 3 solar refrigerators and building a latrine.  5 schools will receive education resources and investment will continue into the Ejere school hardship fund and the Girls’ Access to Secondary Education scheme.  A significant amount of work has already been completed in advance of the rainy season (July to August), which can make routes to some of the more remote rural communities impassable, even with a 4×4 vehicle!


A group of our dedicated UK supporters visited Ethiopia in February to work on the installation of the three solar refrigerators and provide training to the health extension workers and nurses.  They were also able to revisit the solar refrigerators installed in Ethiopia previously and assess first hand the benefits of the various health and education projects that For-Ethiopia supporters have helped to deliver.

Two of the group (Trustee Sue Thomas and Dr Naomi Gillingham) were interviewed on the BBC Radio Bristol Saturday Surgery show.

Click here to listen to Sue speak about the importance of solar fridges in supporting the vaccination programme run by the local Ethiopian health desk and Naomi describing the training given to the health extension workers assigned to the rural health clinics.

More photographs from the trip to the rural clinics can be seen on our Flickr site.

If this inspires you and you have a background in medicine, health or think you can help Naomi design a rural ambulance, please contact us here.


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