The Addis Alem Sewing project

We are setting up a project to provide opportunities for developing rural girls’ skills in tailoring and hope to establish a community run business that is self-sufficient. We have been fortunate to obtain a grant to build a workshop and purchase equipment and run the project for the first year but the more money we can save in the early stages, we improve the chance of long term success.

Our Vision: to see significantly improved wellbeing of rural girls and communities by becoming skilled, educated, innovative and economically independent citizens that go on to influence others. To see rural girls have real and expanded choices to aspire and attain their life goals.

If you have any unused sewing equipment cluttering up your house now you have a chance to donate it and enable rural girls to develop confidence and lead their own lives.

We are looking for everything from scissors, needles and thread, mannequins and patterns, to sewing machines. If you are a skilled seamstress, tailor or dressmaker we would also be keen to hear from you so we can get the maximum amount of advice and guidance in setting up this project. We may even be looking for volunteers to go out and help setup and train the girls.

Initially we plan to use the project to make school uniforms for the children we support, but the scope will expand as skills develop and we hope that eventually we can establish a solid manufacturing base in the town leading to wider employment opportunities and spin-off ventures for the girls we train.

If you would like to donate anything or have a specific interest in this project, please complete the contact form so that we can speak to you and arrange collection:


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