Christ Church C of E Primary School in Clifton is teaming up with For-ethiopia to build some new toilets for a primary school in Addis Alem. They are hoping to raise £2,000 this year, largely by the children doing sponsored activities and participating in school events. Over the Easter holidays the children have taken home a tube of Smarties with the aim to fill them with coins.

Sue Thomas and Lucy Pollock recently introduced the children to the project and told them all about the schools in Ethiopia and how children currently go to the toilet. They also revealed the fabulous ‘Loo-o-meter’, which has a tally going up through a drop-loo!!

Lucy at Christ Church Primary school

Lucy introducing the loo-o-meter

The children at Christchurch were really excited about the project and are looking forward to helping raise the money!

Hanna with the loo-o-meter

Hanna & Deputy Head

Headteacher Clare Jones

Headteacher Clare Jones

A big thank you to all the staff and students at Christ Church. We look forward to keeping you posted on how they are doing!


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