A number of you have wanted to donate and see the Big Give matched funding released as well.

However, over the past two days, we have seen the Christmas Challenge being paused by around 12pm.  Today (Thursday) the matched funding ran out at 10:50am!

The website says that the Christmas Challenge is paused each day when that day’s matched funding has been exhausted.  Essentially, to prevent all the matched funding provided by the Big Givers from running out on day 1, the Big Give has seen fit to try and spread the distribution of matched funding across the week of the Christmas Challenge and across as many charities as possible.  Therefore, those charities which pick up donors towards the end of the week aren’t unfairly penalised.

This has meant disappointment for those of you who wanted to see your donations matched.  Competition for the matched funds is much tougher than we anticipated, but any donation, even if it is not matched, will be very well used and much appreciated.

For the best chance of seeing your donation matched, please try and donate to us as soon as the Christmas Challenge starts at 10am on Friday.

Thank you very much to all those that have donated to us already.  This will all go towards making a real difference to the girls in Ethiopia!

Donate to For-Ethiopia in the Christmas Challenge.

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