Great Ethiopian Run

Our nine runners from Bristol are busy preparing for the Great Ethiopian Run on November 26th, and we are delighted to hear that in Ethiopia our partner organisation FDA-E (For Development Association – Ethiopia) has formed  a team to join us on the run. Staff members of FDA-E will be joined by friends and family to form a team of 8 or 9 to accompany the Bristol runners on the big day.

Our Vice-chair Dr Sue Thomas is leading the For-ethiopia team and has set up a sponsorship page at VirginMoneyGiving. Please show your support and pledge some money to help them on their way!

The full list of runners and their individual donation pages is:

  1. Dr Sue Thomas
  2. Emma Kaile
  3. Geoff Kaile
  4. Mandy Risso
  5. Dr Naomi Gillingham
  6. Stephanie Chadwick
  7. John Seager
  8. Diana Brand
  9.  Dr Tigist Grieve


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