The For-ethiopia Power of 10 Challenge

Take the Power of 10 Challenge and have some fun celebrating our Tenth Anniversary with your friends. Power of 10 Logo

Why not choose one of the challenges below or come up with your own, find some friends to sponsor you, or even better to join you, and raise money for our life changing projects in water, health and education!

  • Host and Roast: invite 10 people for an Ethiopian Coffee Ceremony using the kits available from For Ethiopia online. Ask them each to donate the priceof their coffee and encourage them to host and roast for their friends.
  • Run a 10k race e.g. ‘Two Bays Tough Ten’ in Weston-Super-Mare, or find one near you and collect sponsorship money
  • Walk 10 miles with 10 friends, each with 10 sponsors
  • Give up chocolate/cigarettes/biscuits/alcohol for 10 weeks and donate the money saved
  • Challenge 10 children to do a 10 minute sponsored silence or a 10 word sponsored spell
  • Invite 10 friends to dinner, tell them about our work and ask them to donate
  • Save 10ps in a jar, for 10 weeks – challenge 10 friends to do the same and see who saves the most!
  • Care for 10 digits – invite 10 people to come to your house and offer manicures and/or pedicures in return for a donation
  • Cycle 10 miles with 10 friends, each with 10 sponsors

Whatever you choose make sure you find at least 10 sponsors and see if you can persuade them to take a Power of 10 Challenge too.

Sponsor forms will be available soon on the website and you can set up a free sponsorship page at VirginMoneyGiving and don’t forget to talk about it on your social media accounts using the tag #FEis10


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