To change the world, invest in adolescent girls.

Make a real difference to the life chances of young girls in Ethiopia and their future families – donate on-line to For-ethiopia in early December and the value of your donation could be doubled.

Online donations made on 4, 5 or 6 December 2014 could be matched by the Big Give, as part of their 2014 Christmas Challenge.

Limited funds for matching donations are released at 10.00am on each of these three days. Donate as near to 10.00am as you can to increase the chance of your donation being doubled.

The girls' at the hostel grounds in Addis Alem The Big Give Chistmas Challenge

 Why donate?

If a teenage girl in Ethiopia progresses to secondary education, stays in school, remains healthy and gains real skills, she will marry later, have fewer, healthier children and earn an income that she’ll invest back into her family and community.

With only one High School in the Ejere district, many girls from out-lying areas have to stay away from home in unsupervised rented rooms. Others are walking the equivalent of a half-marathon every day just to get to and from school. Drop-out rates are very high due to the distances, the danger of abduction, early marriage, family demands and the cost of accommodation.

In this district only about 35 girls out of each original year group of 250 complete their 4 years of secondary education – that’s a success rate of only 14%.

Together we can change this!

For-ethiopia is working in the Ejere District to help more girls from remote areas complete their secondary education.

We need your help to provide more girls with secure accommodation, help with books and uniform, safe study facilities in the evenings and support from mentors.

  • £30 will provide uniform, books and a mentor for one girl for one year
  • £20 will provide comfortable secure supervised accommodation away from home for one girl for one month
  • £15 will provide one months’ salary for two guards to escort girls safely back to their lodgings after studying in the school library in the evening

In Ethiopia a child born to a mother with a secondary education has a 60% better chance of surviving than one born to a mother who only went to a primary school.

Please help us give these girls and their future families a chance!

You could double the impact of your contribution by donating on-line to the Big Give, on 4, 5 or 6 December 2014, as near to 10.00am as you can.

For more details of our project go to our project page at The Big Give website.


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