Question:- What is CCC?

Answer:-  Cornish Crabber Challenge


Question:- What is a Cornish Crabber?
Answer:- This is a Cornish Crabber owned by Ros Bennet…  Cornish Crabber
Question:- Who is Ros Bennet?
Answer:- This is Ros Bennet,but we left out first mate Nancy Blackett Ros Bennet
Question:- Who is Nancy Blackett?
Answer:- This is Nancy Blackett.  Nancy Blackett

Question:- And the Challenge?

Answer:- To sail around the Island that is the South of England, to raise money for For-ethiopia, in 2014/2015 (880 miles, via the Scillies – not just the Isle of Wight!)


Question:- I am intrigued, tell me more.

Answer:- All in good time – you will have to keep an eye on our Ros (and Nancy)!


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