Four blokes, 250 miles, bicycles, 5 days….The Celtic Challenge!

George Grace (of Bristol based TownCentred), Matthew Ellis, Paul McWilliams and Ian Garbutt have kindly agreed to combine a cycle trip with a bit of fundraising and are planning to cycle from Bristol to Pembrokeshire at the end of April to raise money for For-ethiopia!

In the words of George:

“We are four getting-on-a-bit blokes cycling to Pembrokeshire in West Wales from Bristol – circa 250 miles … As its about 245 miles more than most of us are used to it is a challenge and we thought the opportunity to raise a bit of money to relieve sickness and poverty and advance health and education in Ethiopia was not to be missed”

Please sponsor them via their VirginMoneyGiving page at

Sponsor the Celtic Challenge at VirginMoneyGiving


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